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Depression Quiz


Below is a list of the ways you might have felt or acted. Please check how much you have felt this way during the past week.


1. I was bothered by things that usually don’t bother me.

2. I did not feel like eating; I wasn’t very hungry.

3. I wasn’t able to feel happy, even when my family or friends tried to help me feel better.

4. I felt like I was just as good as other people.

5. I felt like I couldn’t pay attention to what I was doing.

6. I felt down and unhappy.

7. I felt like I was too tired to do things.

8. I felt like something good was going to happen.

9. I felt like things I did before didn’t work out right.

10. I felt scared.

11. I didn’t sleep as well as I usually sleep.

12. I was happy.

13. I was more quiet than usual.

14. I felt lonely—like I didn’t have any friends.

15. I felt like people I know were not friendly or that they didn’t want to be with me.

16. I had a good time.

17. I felt like crying.

18. I felt sad.

19. I felt people didn’t like me.

20. It was hard to get started doing things.