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Secondhand Smoke Quiz


1. Secondhand smoke is:



2. True or False: Secondhand smoke is annoying, but it’s not really a health concern.


3. True or False: Secondhand smoke has more than 7,000 chemicals and some of these can cause cancer.


4. When kids are around secondhand smoke, which of these illnesses are they more likely to have?


5. Which of these chemicals is found in secondhand smoke?


6. True or False: Secondhand smoke is only a problem if you can smell it; very low levels can’t affect your health.


7. True or False: If you air out a room or create a separate non-smoking section, you can avoid all secondhand smoke.


8. How long does a healthy, non-smoking person have to be around secondhand smoke for it to start affecting their health?


9. Many states have passed laws that ban smoking in bars and restaurants. Within a couple of months, which of these went down?


10. How can you protect yourself and your friends and family from secondhand smoke?