Deal With Vape Cravings

For many people, dealing with cravings is one of the hardest parts of quitting vaping. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for how to deal with cravings when they hit.

Tips for Cravings

Try these ideas for managing your urges to vape. Some may work better than others, so find the ones that work for you.

  • Do something else. When a craving hits, stop what you're doing and do something different. Sometimes, just changing your routine helps you shake off a craving.
  • Get active. Take a quick walk or go up and down the stairs a few times. Physical activity, even in short bursts, can help boost your energy and beat a craving.
  • Stop and breathe. Breathe in slowly through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth. Repeat this 10 times to help you relax until the craving passes.
  • Revisit your quit plan. Look back at your quit plan to remind you of your strategies for getting through cravings. If you haven’t made a quit plan yet, it’s not too late. Make your quit plan now.
  • Text with or talk to someone. Supportive people in your life can help you stay strong in moments when the urges are tough to handle.
  • Play a game on your phone. Keep your phone handy! Games can be a good distraction when you’re having a craving.
  • Call or chat with an expert. Get free, personalized support from a tobacco cessation expert by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW or 1-877-44U-QUIT, or chat with an expert online using the National Cancer Institute’s LiveHelp service.

Remember: Nicotine cravings are temporary and will fade over time the longer you stay quit.

Try, Try Again

Quitting vaping may not be easy, and setbacks happen. If you slip up and vape, don’t think of it as a failure. Remind yourself that you’ve had a temporary setback. Get back on track, and remember your goal to quit vaping and your reasons for quitting.

  • Keep going. Don’t let a slip be a reason to give up on quitting. It can feel discouraging, but you can get back on track. Move on and re-commit to quitting.
  • Remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Celebrate the small victories. Be proud of all the times that you didn’t reach for your vape. You have not failed, and you’re not back to square one.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Use slips as an opportunity to learn. Figure out why it happened, and come up with a plan to prevent it from happening again. Think about what you will do differently the next time you find yourself in the same situation.