Take Back Control. Make Your Quit Plan.

Quitting vaping can be easier if you have a plan. Making your personalized quit plan will keep you on track, help you through hard times, and increase your chances of quitting.

Complete 6 steps to get your personalized quit plan.

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Get Started

The first step to giving up vaping is choosing a date to quit.

Not ready to set a quit date yet? That’s OK. You can still create a quit plan – just select “Not Ready” below. Making a plan takes you through the steps that will get you ready for quitting and it can build your motivation too.

When is your quit date?


Tip 1: Don’t put it off for too long. Picking a day too far away gives you time to change your mind. Choose a day that is no more than a week or two away.

Tip 2: Set yourself up for success. Try not to pick a date that will be stressful, like the day of a test, concert, or big game.

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What Is Vaping Costing You?

Thinking about how vaping is affecting you and your life can help you understand why you want to quit and motivate you when times get tough.

Since I’ve started vaping, I’ve noticed that:

How much money do you spend on vaping?
Estimate how much, on average, you spend on vaping a week. Include everything: vapes, pods, vape juice, etc.

I spend about $ on vaping a week.

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Why Are You Quitting?

Knowing your reasons for why you want to quit can help you stay motivated and on track, especially in difficult moments.

I want to quit vaping:


Don’t see your reason for quitting on this list? Write your reason in your phone and revisit it when times get tough.

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What Makes You Want to Vape?

After you stop vaping, certain places and situations can remind you of vaping and make it hard to stay vape-free. Use this list to find what makes you want to vape. We’ll give you strategies that will help you stay in control.

Social Situations

Nicotine Withdrawal

Everyday Situations

My Emotions


These are common situations, but there are more. Think about a time something made you really want to vape. Now come up with a strategy to avoid it and a way to fight the urge.

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Fight Your Cravings

Plan ahead for when a craving hits. Knowing what you’ll do ahead of time will help you until the feeling of wanting to vape goes away. These proven strategies work – which ones do you want to try?

When a craving hits, I will:


Come up with more ideas to try on your own. Keep trying new things until you find what works for you.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Choose strategies to help you quit. Thinking about who can support you and being prepared to handle hard times, especially the unexpected ones, can keep you on track and increase your chances of saying goodbye to vaping forever. Your completed quit plan will have more information about these strategies and tell you how to access more help.

Get Support

Support comes in many forms. Pick as many options as you want to include in your quit plan.

For support I will:

Prepare Before You Quit Vaping

Thinking about how you’ll get ready to quit and how you’ll handle difficult situations can help you stay committed.

To help me succeed, I will:

Quit All Tobacco Products

Some people who vape also smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products. To give yourself the best chance for quitting, it’s important to quit using everything.

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